Project Description

Boho style is ever popular in the wedding world. The basis of the Boho look is fluid lines, a relaxed vibe and an appreciation for nature and vibrant colours. Modern couples are moving away from formal ceremonies and opting for weddings that are guest focused, allowing the day to set its own pace.

Create the look

Dresses are soft and unstructured with vintage elements such as lace or bias cut silks and satins. Groomsmen dress to impress with brogues, separate jackets and trousers teamed with unique buttonholes, ties and accessories.

Dress the venue

Style it up with simple mismatched glassware with fairy lights and candelabra arranged informally  under the perfect Boho backdrop of a traditional canvas marquee. In good weather a marquee allows you to take in the stunning surroundings of your off-the-beaten-track wedding.


Have some fun with street food vans offering high end food and drink choices that are laid back and relaxed. Music and entertainment can be provided by intimate acoustic bands handing over to a soul DJ that will mix vinyl tracks to get everyone on their feet.


Flowers are a key element to this look, the iconic and a heavy flower crown teamed with tumbling loose curls and an oversized cascading bouquet is de rigeur. Also use flower power in centre pieces running along the tables, tumbling down over the edges, with lots of greenery such as eucalyptus that give a feel that is completely informal.

It’s all in the vibe

Less formality and moving away from some of the traditional elements doesn’t mean you have to have a wedding that is all about the rustic. Boho is more about the way in which the day unfolds; it’s an attitude and can be achieved with a low key but high quality approach. Keeping things effortlessly simple but with a focus on great food and entertainment means the rest of the celebrations will flow beautifully.

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