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Vintage is an eternal choice for modern couples. Taking reference from the past is where it starts -whether it be the roaring 1920s or the rock and roll of the 1950s. We’re especially enjoying the new fashion for Swinging 60s London style vintage – Profumo meets The Avengers and ends up sharing a martini with early James Bond! Mix the old with the new to give an updated feel to the look and source vintage dresses and accessories or take reference to the colours used but reinvent them in a new way.

A brief history of vintage weddings

At Blue Fizz Events we’re well known for our love of vintage!

Many couples are opting for vintage style weddings, but there’s more to it than bunting and lace. A turn of the century cotton lace dress, tweed suits and trestle tables suggest festival chic while May poles with cascading ribbons and stalls to entertain your guests are a reminder of the local county fair.

In recent years the vintage styles preferred by modern couples have been heavily influenced by films such as The Great Gatsby, with a glamorous Deco inspired look and champagne cocktails! Then the fashion for period dramas introduced the Downton Abbey factor, bringing in the sumptuous 30s and Art nouveau gowns. The liquid lines and muted shades are perfect for Boho weddings with laid back styling and barefoot brides.

The classic vintage Tea Party look stays strong and enjoys a nod to the 1950s with bold colours, English roses and Prom style dresses. Live bands and photo booths help give energy to the day with a modern twist.

With our love of nostalgia for days gone by and the romance of the way things were, vintage is here to stay as it offers so much inspiration. Our passion and knowledge of history and current vintage trends are key to us being able to help create stunning backdrops and settings for any event with attention to detail at every turn.

Create the look

A turn of the century cotton dress with tweed suits, or the liquid lines of the decadent 30s , to a classic 50s prom dress and tucks, modern vintage encompasses any era of history you choose with an undated interpretation.

Dress the venue

Many couples are opting for a modern vintage wedding but theres more to it than bunting and lace. Choose May poles and cascading ribbons and stalls at a country fair look, or recreate your favourite period drama with authentic props.


Themed food to match you era is always fun, research classic cocktails of the time and playlists and bands can recreate the days gone by to get all you guests up and dancing.


Depending on your theme there are many interpretations of size and shape of bouquet that relate to different eras. From trailing 30s bouquets, to short round colour pops from the 60s, anything is possible.

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